Community Driven

Our team members act as a tight knit family. Knowledge is often shared with one another to help each member become a better angler. 


Team members often form and or partake in shoreline cleanups to help maintain our waterways for future generations.


Team Louie sets the bar for professionalism in the sport of fishing by helping anglers achieve a higher level of sportsmanship. 

By The Numbers

We actively adopt waterways to maintain for future generations to enjoy.

Number of Team Members
Waterways Managed
Miles of Shoreline Cleaned
Events Formed

The Louie Family

Each team member brings unique characteristics to the Team Louie fishing team which helps the team become more of a family.  

Members showcase their passion and dedication to the sport of fishing along with sharing essential knowledge to others. We are a team focused on building an inner community that truly stands out from the rest. 

Our Partners

Team Louie actively networks with those that share the same mission. Together we can help our waterways and ecosystems thrive.